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Las 100 mejores bandas de Metal

Seleccionadas por Expertos de Amazon Music.

Grandes bandas de Metal y Nu Metal de todos los tiempos, incluyendo grandes bandas de nuestro país.


1Tic Tac2Brutal Planet3Dame aire4Freak on a Leash5Limítate6Pardon Me7Perro traidor8Master Of Puppets9Show Yourself10La Vida en un Beso11Pura vida12Holy Wars...The Punishment Due13En Noches Como Esta14Only Death Is Real15Toma y Obliga16Fragile Dreams (Studio)17Levante Corruption18Desolación19Desenphreno Forte20Bodies: Drowning Pool21Poem22Stitches23Happy?24The Way You Like It25Stricken26I Stand Alone27Halo (Radio Version)28Die MF Die29The Only30Linchpin31Pride32Locust33Butterfly34Open Your Eyes35Movies36Biggest & The Best (Remastered version)37Penetrate38Fight Song39Furia40Jumpdafuckup41Genius42She Hates Me43Duality44Change (In the House of Flies)45In the End46Last Resort47B.Y.O.B.48Snot49Youth of the Nation50Sell Myself51Who's the King52Enemy53Loco54It's Not the End of the World, But I Can See It from Here55Dragula56Epic57Cult of Personality58Antisocial59Practice What You Preach60Rock You Like a Hurricane61Heaven Can Wait (Remastered in 2015)62Trashed And Scattered63Corazón Herido64Blackened Karma65Peace Sells (Remastered)66I Want Out67Aiming High68Breaking the Law69Stone Evil70Hellfire71Todo Me Da Igual (Remastered)72Destierro73Angel Of Death74Cowboys from Hell75Satan Is Real76Princess of the Night (Rerecorded)77Va a Estallar el Obus78Lujuria79Corazón De Heavy Metal80Balls to the Wall81I Surrender82Holy Diver83Princess of the Night84Fear of the Dark (2015 Remaster)85The Game (Triple H)86Electric Worry87God Hates a Coward88Eatin' Dust89Unsung90Then Comes Dudley91Our Truth92Kickstart My Heart93Jerry Was A Race Car Driver94Curse Of The Pharaohs (Re-Recorded 2009)95More Human Than Human96Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck97Tales from the Hard Side98Judith99It's Been Awhile100Powertrip