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Curated by Expertos de Amazon Music

100 clásicos del Country alternativo

Curated by Expertos de Amazon Music

Los mayores exponentes del Country Alternativo reunidos en torno a 100 canciones.


1New York, New York2Luck In My Eyes3Copperhead Road4The Funeral5Miss Williams' Guitar (Album Version)6Sweet Jane7Righteously8Black Soul Choir9Murder (Or a Heart Attack)10Yesterday's News11Waiting For The Sun12Can't Stand It13People Got A Lotta Nerve14Leavin'15Looking Forward to Seeing You16Last Dance17She's a Jar18Chinese Translation19Screen Door20Alesund21If I Had A Boat22Hurt23Forget the Flowers (2017 Remaster)24Heartbreakin Man25A Ghost to Most26Drown (2015 Remaster)27The Grapes Of Wrath28Make It Last29Don Henley Must Die30Delia's Gone31Car Wheels On A Gravel Road32Westfall33Gun34Shop It Around35Gravity's Gone36Guitar Town37Is There A Ghost38Let's Kill Saturday Night (Live)39Star Witness40Gloria41Out of the Blue42God's Gonna Cut You Down (Album Version)43In Love with a View44Eight Piece Box45Hard to Be Human Again46Help There's A Fire47I Don't Know48Factory Belt49Surrender Under Protest50Walking After Midnight51Let It Ride52That's Not the Issue (2017 Remaster)53Even If It's Wrong54Cowboy Man55Steal Your Love (Album Version)56Windfall (2015 Remaster)57Goodbye's All We've Got Left58While You Were Sleeping59Magic Toy Missing604th Of July / He Stopped Loving Her Today (Medley) [feat. George Jones]61Bloodshot's Turning 562Emmylou63I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Album Version)64Rusty Cage65Give Back My Heart66Barrier Reef67Mississippi Mud68I'm Down to My Last Cigarette69What Else Would You Have Me Be?70No One's Gonna Love You71Jacksonville Skyline72No Depression73Heart of Gold (2009 Remaster)74Crazy Mary75Morning Dove76Flightless Bird, American Mouth77Murder, Tonight, In The Trailer Park78She's No Lady79White Freight Liner Blues80Amelia Earhart Vs. The Dancing Bear81Alone Again Or82Clogger83Skinny Love84Blue Canoe85Gotta Get Back86When Leon Spinx Moved Into Town87Sick Of Goodbyes88I'm a Pilot89Barton Hollow90Calgary91Harriet Tubman's Gonna Carry Me Home (Live, Premio Ciampi Festival, Livorno, 8 December 2002)92Blue (Album Version)934 Door Maverick94Ash Wednesday95My Silver Lining96Cover Me Up