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Las mejores canciones de Rock Psicodélico de todos los tiempos.


1Arnold Layne (2001 Remastered Version)2Journey To The Center of the Mind3You're Gonna Miss Me (Mono LP Version)4Eight Miles High5Good Vibrations (Remastered 2001)6Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 7)7Light My Fire8Race for the Prize (2017 Remaster)9Holes10Alone Again Or11Abre la Puerta12Danza del fuego13Borrachera14Faldas Cortas, Piernas Largas15Ojo por ojo (Versión inglesa) [2015 Remaster]16Nadie te Quiere Ya17En las riberas del Yann (New Mix 2014)18Peppermint Frappe19Boo! Forever20I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)21White Rabbit22Changes23Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Remastered 2009)24Fire25Heart Full of Soul26Fresh Air (Remastered)27Captain's Holiday28This Is the Part29El Rey Ha Muerto30Hurdy Gurdy Man31Venus In Furs32Monsters33L'Octau Clima34Petanca Perifèrica35At The Mountain Of Madness36Bracelets of Fingers37Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space38I Know39Place in the Sun40She's A Rainbow (Full Version / With Intro)41Can You See?42I Follow You43(I Want to Be Your) Mirror44Avalon45Glowing Summer46Destroy Those Who Love God47Milky Way48Interstellar Overdrive (2011 Remastered Version)49Grace50Are You Experienced?51Dark Star (Single Version) [2015 Remaster]52My White Bicycle (Remastered)53Season Of The Witch54I Am The Walrus (Remastered 2009)55The Red Telephone (2015 Remaster)56Itchycoo Park57Mind Gardens58Cloud Song59Iron Butterfly Theme60Magic Man (Stereo Version)61Joy Of A Toy62Sky Pilot63Riders on the Storm64Feel Flows (Remastered 2009)65Purple Haze66Sunshine Of Your Love67Mira hacia ti68Eco69La Presó De Les Rodes De L'Amor70La Bruja71Realidad (2015 Remaster)72One more day73Noche tras noche74A Question of Temperature75Solitude Is Bliss76Sweep Me off My Feet77Delorean Highway78Cerca de las Estrellas79En el lago80Campos de azahar81Máquina Suau82Alien Love83Levitation84Walking in Circles85My Expansive Awareness86The Edge87Ceremonial Ride88Gliss