Seleccionadas por Expertos de Amazon Music.

Sonidos naturales para concentrarse

Seleccionadas por Expertos de Amazon Music.

La playlist perfecta para dormir, relajarse, concentrarse o incluso meditar.


1Blue Lagoon2Quiet Rainshower3Ocean Waves Crashing for Wellness and Well Being4Light Raining, Approaching Thunder Storm for Holistic Health and Well Being5Rain with Thunder Cracks and Rolls6Birdsong At Dawn (Vogelkonzert am Morgen)7Soothing Rain Effects & Distant Thunder Showers for Sound Sleep, Deep Rest8Wind Blowing Hard, Thunder9Relaxing Thunderstorm10Storm Sounds - Eye of the Thunder Storm11Windy Thundershower12Calming Summer Afternoon in the Country13Malibu Ocean Surf14Calming Rain With Distant Thunder15Mountain River (Gebirgsbach)16Beachside Ocean Waves17Sonidos de la Selva Con la Lluvia de Curación: Sonidos de la Naturaleza18Wind Chime Orchard19Breeze on the Savanna20Peaceful Rainfall for Sleeping Babies inducing Brain Delta Waves Naturally21Crackling Campfire22Fuego de Leña y una Noche de Tormenta: Sonidos Naturales23Fireplace Wood Burning24Ocean Waves and Campfire Sounds (2 Hours)25Ambiance - Campfire At Night26Thunderstorm with Heavy Rain27Rushing Woodland Stream Over a Waterfall28Wood Burning in Cottage Fireplace for Stress Release and Total Relaxation29Crackling Log Fire30Sonidos Naturales para Dormir: Hoguera en una Playa Tropical (90 Minutos Edición Especial)31Hot Afternoon in the Rainforest32Sitting Around a Large Campfire Sound Effect33Forest Fire34Rushing Woodland Stream Over a Waterfall35Waves For Relaxation36Deep Roaring Thunder and Startling Lightning Flashes37Summer Thunderstorm38Waves : Good Night Beach39Breeze Blows a Windmill