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Alt Scene

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Cool songs with spirit that refuse to fit into one genre. Cover act: Charlotte Sands


1spite2STRANGERS3PREDATOR4Control Freak5Kool-Aid6Hide Your Kids7When We Die (Can We Still Get High?) [feat. Lil Yachty]8let them know they're on your mind9if u think i'm pretty10Run Away11Good People12Burn The Witch13kinda smacks14WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS15Vampire Disco16WARZ0NE17My Condition18Back Into Your Heart19ur special to me20Carsick21Glorious Day22even when the sun is dead, will you tell them how hard i tried23Better Luck Next Time24get over it25jeLLiefish aPocaLypsE26Doomsday Blue27WOT?28FSU29come again30SEX ON THE BEACH31MAKE IT UP32the red pill33CPR34blame35Halloweenie V: The Moss King362 of us37RUFF38Deep End (from "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom")39kooL aiD mAn40Happier41Last Resort42The Matrix43MILF44Pedestal45deprecating46Monstarrr47DSM-V48Medic49The Public Ain't Spoken50Zig51CAN'T STOP NOW52Modern Love53Lose My Head54I am a Machine55Psychopath56BORING57THEY ALL DIE IN THE END58LOST!59ASHAMED60humanity