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REDISCOVER The Chemical Brothers

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Top tracks & remixes from the legendary UK duo.


1Galvanize2Block Rockin' Beats3Hey Boy Hey Girl4Leave Home5Go6Do It Again (Edit)7Star Guitar8Let Forever Be9Live Again (Single Edit) [feat. Halo Maud]10Loops Of Fury11Where Do I Begin12No Reason13The Darkness That You Fear14Wide Open15The Boxer16Setting Sun17Container Park18Got To Keep On19Music:Response20It Doesn't Matter21Marvo Ging22The Devil is in the Beats23Horse Power24Out Of Control25Dig Your Own Hole26Believe27Free Yourself28Under The Influence29Eve Of Destruction30The Golden Path [feat. The Flaming Lips]31Saturate32Midnight Madness33The Salmon Dance34Come With Us35The Private Psychedelic Reel36Swoon37It Began In Afrika38C-h-e-m-i-c-a-l (Edit)39Dream On40Life Is Sweet41Don't Stop The Rock42Song To The Siren (Live From Sabresonic Nightclub,United Kingdom/1994)43Under Neon Lights44Another World45We've Got To Try46Get Up On It Like This47Chemical Beats48Elektrobank (Radio Edit)49One Too Many Mornings50Asleep From Day51Alive Alone52This Is Not A Game [feat. Miguel]53Elektrobank (Demo / 3/6/96)54It Doesn't Matter (Alt Mix / 28/9/96)55Get Yourself High (Switches Rely On Rub) [feat. k-os]56Like a Motorway (Chemical Brothers Chekhov Warp Vocal Mix)57Bring The Pain (Chemical Brothers Remix)58Song for Shelter (Chemical Brothers Remix)59Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers Remix)60Patrol (Chemical Brothers Mix)61I Think I'm In Love (Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix)62Swastika Eyes (Chemical Brothers Mix)63Tow Truck (Chemical Brothers Mix)64Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix)65XTC (The Chemical Brothers Remix)66Setting Sun (Live At Lowlands Festival, 1997)