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REDISCOVER Tyler Childers

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Childers blends folk, bluegrass and country with raw vocals showcasing his stark and honest lyrics.


1Feathered Indians2Lady May3In Your Love4All Your'n5Whitehouse Road6Way of the Triune God (Hallelujah Version)7Rustin' In The Rain8Nose On The Grindstone (OurVinyl Sessions)9Fraulein10Shake the Frost (Live)11House Fire12Space and Time13Long Violent History14Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven? (Hallelujah Version)15Universal Sound16Country Squire17Coal18Help Me Make It Through the Night19Creeker20Tattoos21Charleston Girl (Live)22Phone Calls and Emails23Follow You To Virgie (OurVinyl Sessions)24Old Country Church (Hallelujah Version)25Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You26I Swear (To God)27Bus Route28Hard Times29Bonaparte's Retreat30Shoot Low Sheriff!31Banded Clovis32Gemini33Rock Salt and Nails (Live)34Bottles and Bibles35Purgatory36Angel Band (Hallelujah Version)37Camp Chase38Honky Tonk Flame39Matthew40Born Again41If Whiskey Could Talk42Two Coats (Hallelujah Version)43Deadman's Curve (Live)44Squirrel Hunter45The Harvest46Peace of Mind47Coming Down (Live)48Midnight on the Water49Ever Lovin' Hand50Detroit