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REDISCOVER The 2000s: Metal

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From Korn to Clown here's the biggest metal hits of the noughties. Cover: Slipknot


1Duality2Chop Suey!3Bat Country4Coming Undone5Change (In the House of Flies)6Happy?7Numb8The Day That Never Comes9Animal I Have Become10The End of Heartache11Tears Don't Fall12Schism13Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr14Nothing Left15Bad Company16Awake17Redneck18Stupid Girl19Bodies20Dig21Two Weeks22Psychosocial23Down with the Sickness24I Will Be Heard25Goddamn Electric (2003 Remaster)26Sextape27Pray For Plagues28Crawling29Only for the Weak30Angry Again31B.Y.O.B.32Bloodline33Enjoy the Silence34St. Anger35Panic Attack36Blood and Thunder37Twisted Transistor38Jumpdafuckup39Hallowed Be Thy Name40Before I Forget41Murmaider II: The Water God42My Curse43Faint44Bleed (15th Anniversary 2023 Remastered Edition)45Enemy46Cherry Waves47Halo48Afterlife49Waking the Demon50Boom51Toxicity52Feel So Numb53Indestructible54Nobody55mOBSCENE56Black Tears57Here to Stay58Ghost Division59I Don't Wanna Stop60Snuff61The Only62Lay Down63All Nightmare Long64Empty Walls65One Step Closer66The Hand That Feeds67The Pot68Disciple69Party Hard70This Calling71Passenger72Dying in Your Arms73Freya74Laid to Rest75It's Not You76For You77Still Counting78Aerials79White Washed (2022)80Revolution Is My Name81Scream Aim Fire82Sonne83Halo84People = Shit85Through The Fire And Flames86Alive (2006 Remaster)87A Little Piece of Heaven88I Don't Wanna Be Me (Edit)89Renegade90Big in Japan91What I've Done92All I Need93Not The American Average94Back to School (Mini Maggit)95Land of Confusion96Stillborn97Right Side Of The Bed98Flying Whales99Y'all Want a Single100The Unforgiven III