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Nerdcore & Anime Rap

Curated by Amazon's Music Experts

Nerdcore and Anime Rap at its finest. The soundtrack to your protagonist arc. Updated Monthly


1Shonen Jump 2 (feat. Fabvl, DizzyEight, Shwabadi, Gray Fox, Connor Quest!, FrivolousShara, Shofu, Shao Dow, Mega Ran, Zach Boucher, GameboyJones, Savvy Hyuga & VI Seconds)2Cursey3Chop It Up4Blood (Alucard Rap)5I'M BETTER (Homelander)6Euphoria7Splash Woman8Itachi9Purple (Rainbow Friends)10Among Sus11Dragon Ball Villain Cypher12Your Monster13Without Love (Vinland Saga)14Say My Name (Inspired by "Dragon Ball")15Lost It All16SPIDER-PUNK17The Hollow In Me18The Abused19In My Blood (Yoriichi Demon Slayer)20Join Us for a Bite21Dying is My Favourite Type of Hue22A Pizza the Action23Daybreak (feat. Nahu Pyrope & Caleb Hyles)24Addict25Nether Zombie Pigman Minecraft Rap26You Can't Hide27Make Me A Hero28Lil Nuggit29This Gigantic Robot Kills (feat. the MC Bat Commander & Suburban Legends)30Build Our Machine31Anarchy32Lackadaisy Electroswing!33Ruined Lullaby34Show You Something35FAHRENHEIT!36Wano37Eren Jaeger Rap (Titans)38Sorcery Fight!39Potential40MEWTWO!41BOOGIE WOOGIE (feat. Shofu)42FUCK OUT MY WAY43Waluigi Smash Pt244Welcome to Paradise45Stay True (Buddha Rap)46F.O.E.47Ladies Of Anime Cypher48Bunny Girl Senpai Drill49Nani 何50HEART OF A FIGHTER51How to Be a Supervillain52Vinsmoke: Stealth Black53Nerdcore Rising54Fett's Vette55No Meat at the BBQ56Mortal Kombat High