Happy B-Earth-day, Planet Earth! 🌎

The Ten News, News For Curious Kids

26-04-2023 • 14 mins

🌎 Can you be-leaf the first Earth Day wasn't until 1970? We're here with the history behind the celebration 🐮 Miss Laine from Nature Nerds knows a new way to slow climate change & it involves potty-training cows! ♻️ Climate activist, Ryan Hickman of Ryan’s Recycling shares his best practices 🤔 Trivia with Tessa: do you know what people outside of the US call Earth Day? 📧 Email us your fun facts, stories, and eye-rolling jokes at: hello@thetennews.com 📱 Follow the show on Instagram: @thetennews 🖱️ Visit our website for resources and a transcript of today's episode at: www.thetennews.com