Episode 61 - Erin Epley Interview

The Dirty Verdict

01-03-2024 • 57 mins

In this compelling episode of "The Dirty Verdict" podcast, hosts Peter Taaffe, Bill Ogden and Kyle Herbert sit down with our latest esteemed guest, Erin Epley. Erin is a distinguished Houston-based lawyer known most recently for her involvement in the high profile impeachment prosecution of Texas Attorney General Kenneth Paxton. Throughout the conversation, Erin shares her experiences as a state and federal prosecutor in Houston, teaching trial advocacy at the University of Houston and how she became involved in the Paxton impeachment case. The episode delves into the importance of legal education, mentorship, having faith in yourself to take on new challenges, and the impact of high-profile cases on the legal community and society.

Erin Epley Bio:https://epley-law.com/