Episode 73- Will Moye: Encore Edition

The Dirty Verdict

24-05-2024 • 23 mins

Will Moye joined us last week for his second interview since switching from long time insurance defense lawyer to representing plaintiffs. After listening to the interview again, we felt that it was so interesting that we needed to give it its own episode. Listen in and you will see why. Will takes us through his first jury trial as a plaintiff’s lawyer, in federal court in Pecos, Texas. The insurance company for the defense offered less than $10,000. Will and his team obtained a $1.5 million verdict for their client. With interest, the final judgment should be $1.9 million.

Join hosts Bill Ogden and Peter Taaffe as Will talks about -

  • How he crafted his Stowers demand letter sent just before trial. And the most common reasons that a Stowers demand will be deficient - and how to fix it.
  • The challenges to his case - large gaps in medical treatment and his client’s social media activity
  • His advice to trial lawyers: Don’t be a Chris Darden and find your Mark Furhman - and how he found his.
  • Tripping up the defendants on their own attorney-drafted affidavits and interrogatory answers.
  • Dealing with unfavorable surveillance of his client and turning the tables on the defendant’s private investigator.

There is a ton of useful information for trial lawyers (on either side) and also those that are interested in how real jury trials work. We hope you enjoy it.