Episode 64 - Dan Cogdell Interview

The Dirty Verdict

22-03-2024 • 1 hr 25 mins

In this captivating episode of the Dirty Verdict Podcast, hosts Peter Taaffe, Kyle Herbert, and Bill Ogden delve into the compelling world of high-stakes criminal defense with legendary lawyer Dan Cogdell. With a career spanning decades, Cogdell shares his journey into law, underlining the profound impact of mentors like Racehorse Haynes and the philosophy that has guided him through numerous high-profile cases. This episode peels back the curtain on the complexities and challenges of defending clients in the spotlight, the strategic decisions that shape trials, and the ethical dimensions of legal practice. Listeners will gain unique insights into the interplay between media, public perception, and the legal system, along with invaluable advice for aspiring lawyers. Whether you're a legal professional, a student, or simply fascinated by the dynamics of criminal defense, this conversation offers a rare glimpse into the mind of a master of the courtroom.


  • Journey into Law and Mentorship: Dan Cogdell's path to becoming a renowned criminal defense lawyer and the influence of mentors on his career.
  • High-Profile Cases: Insights into navigating high-stakes cases, including the Ken Paxton impeachment trial and the strategy behind defending public figures.
  • Legal Strategy and Jury Dynamics: The art of trial advocacy, the importance of being trustworthy to jurors, and strategic considerations in high-profile trials.
  • Ethics and Professionalism: The ethical responsibilities of lawyers to their clients, the court, and the broader implications for society.
  • Impact of Media and Public Perception: The role of media coverage in legal cases and the challenges it presents to the defense process. Advice for Aspiring Lawyers: Guidance for young lawyers and law students interested in pursuing a career in criminal defense or taking on challenging legal battles.
  • Reflections on Legal Practice: Dan's thoughts on the evolution of the legal profession, the future of trial advocacy, and the personal fulfillment derived from advocating for justice.