Emma Chamberlain (Parts 1 and 2) (FBF) [VIDEO]

Call Her Daddy

12-04-2024 • 2 hrs 4 mins

Father Cooper is joined by Emma Chamberlain for her first official in-person sit-down interview. The pair discuss Emma’s high school days and cover everything from being an only child, her parents' divorce, and ultimately her decision to drop out and pursue Youtube full time (OH and they also discuss the classic high school dick pic). Alex and Emma open up and reflect on the fears associated with being a content creator... Who am I outside of the content I post? Is there any room for mistake? Can I do this forever? In response to all of this, Alex then asks Emma, “Have you ever considered just quitting?”. Emma recalls feeling used by other Youtubers in order to gain views and how she was burned by the people she once looked up to. The pair discuss feeling out of control of their public perception and the need to consequently address and debunk fake rumors. Emma describes the anxiety she experiences as a result of constantly being surveilled while out in public and the feeling of wanting to disappear. Let’s get into relationships and sex. Emma opens up about her struggles with her sexual identity, her ex-boyfriend, AND her new relationship. We also learn how Emma lost her virginity, what her favorite style of sex is, and what gives her the ick. Daddy Gang, enjoy both parts of this two-part interview with Emma Chamberlain.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices