Denise Huskins: My Kidnapping Story [VIDEO]

Call Her Daddy

03-04-2024 • 1 hr 36 mins

Join Alex in the studio for a powerful interview with kidnapping and assault survivor Denise Huskins. In 2015, Denise was taken from her boyfriend’s house in the middle of the night. She was held for days, drugged, and assaulted before finally being released by her captors. But when Denise told the police what had happened to her, nobody believed her. In fact, they attacked her. They called her a liar, hoaxster, fraud, and the real life “Gone Girl.” They claimed she’d made it all up for fame and attention. Today, Denise is here to tell her incredible story of overcoming trauma, staying calm in the midst of chaos, and fighting for the truth. This is an important conversation about what it takes for women to be believed, the problem with victim blaming, and how Denise was finally able to reclaim her name and her life. This episode discusses adult subject matter, including descriptions of sexual violence, and is intended for adult consumption only. Listener discretion is advised. Visit for information and resources.  Listen to Denise Huskins audio book: Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors on Spotify. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit