Episode 19. Kevin Johnson

What Voting Means To Me

29-03-2024 • 42 mins

Voting is innovation. Voting is the right to be in community. We are more than our singular votes; it is in the collective that they matter. In this episode Mara talks about these ideas and much more with ⁠Kevin Johnson⁠, co-founder and director of ⁠Election Reformers Network⁠ (ERN), an organization dedicated to protecting elections from polarization through independent and non-partisan innovation. Kevin talks about what it's like to observe emerging democracies, and the incredible experience of watching people vote for the first time. He talks about the work ERN is doing to advocate for independent redistricting and non-partisan election administration, and he and Mara muse about how we should view the work our election officials do for us within the context of representative democracies.