#208 - Scott Markovits, CEO Spontaneousli on creating problem-market fit

Tech-Entrepreneur on a Mission Podcast

01-04-2022 • 42 minutos

This podcast interview focuses on product innovation that has the power to grow our happiness and connectivity at work - especially when we're part of a distributed team. My guest is Scott Markovits, CEO Spontaneousli. Over the past 8 years, Scott has worked with over 1000 early-stage founders and startups, helping them build the foundations of successful products, companies, and teams.  He's passionate about building awesome new products and creating amazing employee experiences. Another aspect he's fascinated about is: Remote work So much that he's hosting a podcast, Leading from afar, that's all about remote leadership ad sharing experiences, wisdom, and tools to make remote successful at companies all around the world.  And this inspired him to start his own Startup, Spontaneousli - A company that's on a mission to make remote work more awesome. And this inspired me, and hence I invited Scott to my podcast. We explore how switching to a remote-first world has created a range of new challenges - some very valuable to solve. Just think about the Great Resignation. We discuss the innovation opportunity ahead - and how big impact can be created with seemingly very simple solutions. Scott shares how complacency and comfort in sticking to traditional thinking can put the best companies in harmful situations. Last but not least he shares his views on creating a remarkable software business and why bootstrapping should be considered by more SaaS companies. Here are some of his quotes: If you read articles around remote work or the future of work, many of the companies have been very positive, saying: Productivity has been through the roof. We can get work done. Everything's fantastic on the work side, but we want to get people back into the office because we're missing out on the engagement and the happiness and those bursts of inspiration. I see it is really a lacking of tools. During this interview, you will learn four things: That we often make the mistake of creating solutions that literally mimic what we think needs to be done, without thinking about what it needs to achieve. Why often it's not the quality of the solution that prevents creating traction, but our inability to change human behaviors  Why we shouldn't be obsessed with Product-Market fit, but with Problem-Market fit. Why avoid going the funding route and focus on building a SaaS business that's sustainable. For more information about the guest from this week:  Scott Markovits Website Spontaneousli Subscribe to Value Inspiration on Friday’s   Stressed by the thought of 'not enough' traction? Eager to know how to remove the roadblocks that slow down your entire SaaS business? Then Subscribe here   It's a short weekly musing on how to shape a B2B SaaS business your customers would miss if it were gone. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices