The Cadillac Three Band: Rock Music, Funk and Grunge and their unique Nashville sound

”Takin A Walk-Music History on Foot”

30-01-2023 • 30 minutos

The Cadillac Three Band defies categorization.

These gents have played music together in garages and basements growing up in Nashville and their independent spirit is contagious.

Cadillac Two(Kelby and Neil)joined us on this virtual Takin A Walk-Music History on foot episode and it was a delightful experience.

Authenticity is key for C3 as their music explores sounds ranging from funk, to grunge, to country with a dash of metal.

Their release "Tabasco and Sweet Tea" is a unique journey of modern music meeting these other styles unlike you have heard before.

These guys know how to weave traditional sounds with a mashup of what has mattered most and I hope you'll love them on Takin A Walk.

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