English Learning for Curious Minds

Leonardo English

Are you looking for a more interesting way to learn English? English Learning for Curious Minds is where you can learn English from native speakers while learning fascinating things about the world. Every episode comes with a transcript & key vocabulary and is spoken at a speed you can understand. Join listeners from 189 countries and discover the most interesting way to improve your English while expanding your mind. Find the bonus episodes, transcripts, key vocabulary, and learning materials at www.leonardoenglish.com
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Trailer: English Learning for Curious Minds
#214 | Robert Baden-Powell & The Boy Scouts#212 | A Short History of Childhood#210 | The Illogicality of The English Language#208 | A History of James Bond#206 | Queen Elizabeth II#204 | Brexit: Part 2#202 | A History of Fake News#200 | Stéphane Breitwieser: The Greatest Art Thief of All Time#198 | A History of Pirates#196 | Ferdinand Magellan & The First Voyage Around The World#194 | Occupy Wall Street#192: A History of Wikipedia#190: The National Rifle Association#188: Bonnie Prince Charlie#186: William Wallace#184: Banned Books#182: The Crazy Life of John McAfee#180: Winston Churchill & The English Language#178: The Space Race - Part Three | The New Space Race#176: The Space Race - Part One | The Early Years