Trailer: English Learning for Curious Minds

English Learning for Curious Minds

26-11-2019 • 2 minutos

Learning English doesn't need to be boring. You don't need to drown in grammar books, you don't need to spend hours memorising phrasal verbs.

English Learning for Curious Minds is the podcast that teaches you English through teaching you fascinating things about the world.

No boring listening exercises, no drills, no scripted conversations.

Just thoroughly researched, utterly fascinating stories.

It's English learning, but just not as you knew it.


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More about Leonardo English and the English for Curious Minds podcast

Learning English shouldn't be boring. It should open your mind.

English Learning for Curious Minds is a podcast aimed at intermediate level English speakers and above, where listeners learn fascinating things about the world while learning English.

There's no small-talk, no boring grammar exercises or vocabulary drills.

You'll learn English by listening, by hearing real conversations and real English, spoken by native speakers, and at a speed you can understand.

Listeners can subscribe to Leonardo English to get a copy of the transcript and key vocabulary for every podcast on www.leonardoenglish.com.

It's English learning, but for curious minds.