#194 | Occupy Wall Street

English Learning for Curious Minds

16-09-2021 • 19 minutos

On September 17th, 2011, hundreds of people descended on a park in the heart of New York's financial district.

Their aim? To protest against the global financial system and its effects on  99% of the population.

On this 10th anniversary of the protests, we take a look at what happened, what they achieved, and what impact they might have in the future.

  • The United States in 2011
  • The 1% vs. the 99%
  • A global sense of uprising
  • The idea behind Occupy Wall Street
  • Meeting in Zuccotti Park in New York's Financial District
  • What did the protestors actually want to change?
  • Famous article by economist Joseph Stiglitz
  • The public perception around the need for change
  • A different model of decision-making
  • The end of the protests
  • What actually happened during the protests?
  • Criticisms of Occupy Wall Street
  • Disorganisation & being tricked about Radiohead playing
  • Did it really represent the 99%?
  • Pushing the idea of the 1% vs. 99% into the public consciousness
  • Legacy of Occupy Wall Street

Full transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available on the website: https://www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/occupy-wall-street


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