#186: William Wallace

English Learning for Curious Minds

19-08-2021 • 23 minutos

He was the Scottish rebel who fought against the English and has become the most famous freedom fighter in Scottish history.

In this episode, we'll learn all about his battles against the English, and the legacy that William Wallace left on the country.

  • Introduction to mini-series on Scottish heroes
  • The brutal execution of William Wallace
  • Introduction to Scotland (as a part of the British Isles)
  • William Wallace "the man" vs. William Wallace "the legend"
  • The death of Alexander II
  • Gaining a reputation as a hater of the English
  • Raising a small army and fighting the English
  • The battle of Stirling Bridge
  • Being rewarded with the position of The Guardian of Scotland
  • Edward II marching north to teach William Wallace a lesson
  • The battle of Falkirk
  • "The machine gun of the Middle Ages"
  • Becoming a diplomat and going to Europe
  • Capture and execution
  • Legacy of William Wallace within Scotland
  • 1995 film "Braveheart"

Full transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available on the website: https://www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/william-wallace


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