#198 | A History of Pirates

English Learning for Curious Minds

30-09-2021 • 28 minutos

"Let's jump on board and cut them to pieces!" - Blackbeard.

"A merry life and a short one" - Captain Bartholomew Roberts.

Pirates have a special place in our imagination. They are both heroes and villains, their lives attractive but scary.

In this episode, we'll take a closer look at pirates through history, the situations that allowed them to exist and prosper, what life as a pirate was actually like, what caused the Golden Age of Piracy to come to an end, and the legacy that they left behind.

  • The classic idea of a pirate
  • Pirates throughout history
  • The Golden Age of Piracy
  • Why was there a boom in piracy in the 17th century?
  • Captain Kidd: was he even a real "pirate"?
  • State-sanctioned pirates
  • The life of a pirate
  • Pirate hierarchies
  • What was a pirate attack really like?
  • Pirates: early masters of the power of image
  • The story of Blackbeard
  • What caused the end of the pirates?
  • The legacy of pirates
  • Pirate myth-busting: parrots, pirate language, hooks and treasure

Full transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available on the website: https://www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/history-of-pirates


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