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Welcome to the Palm Beach County Justice Association (PBCJA) Podcast. The Palm Beach County Justice Association protects victims of negligence and injustice, and fights for fair access to the courts for all, through education, collaboration, and advocacy. The Palm Beach County Justice Association, f/k/a The Palm Beach County
Trial Lawyers Association, is a countywide organization of comprised of more than 400 trial attorneys and more than 100 paralegals that represent the plaintiff in civil cases. It has grown to be the most dynamic countywide trial lawyer organization in the state. The Palm Beach County Justice Association was established in 1988 by a small group of Palm Beach County trial lawyers for the purpose of networking and the mutual sharing of knowledge. United in their dedication to representing the injured party in civil cases, the association organized occasional programs and seminars for the education and professional development of its members. Since our founding, the PBCJA has been dedicated to upholding the honor and dignity of the legal profession. Our members are steadfast in their efforts to vigorously represent ALL injured parties, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, status, disability or differences, with the utmost professionalism. We believe diversity, inclusion and tolerance are essential to achieving liberty and justice for ALL. As defenders of the Constitution, we will always fight tirelessly for anyone’s freedom of speech but against bigotry, racism, antisemitism, and violence in any form. For more information about our organization, go to www.pbcja.org read less


Florida Appellate Review- Episode 6
Florida Appellate Review- Episode 6
Welcome to another edition of the Florida Appellate Review Case Law Update. In this week’s episode, Palm Beach County Justice Association Board Member and Podcast Host Andrew Harris, and fellow Board Members, Jennifer Dinetz and Jeff Adelman, discussed a series of cases addressing:Whether insurance adjusters and a medical doctor’s affidavits were properly stricken by the trial judge, where the affidavits addressed the reasonableness of medical costs and whether medical treatment was reasonably related to the subject motor vehicle accidents;Whether an adverse inference instruction was warranted in an Engle progeny case where a plaintiff shredded medical records, including the circumstances in which a duty to preserve evidence arises, and whether a duty to preserve evidence is required before an adverse inference instruction is given by a trial judge; andWhether a hotel was entitled to summary judgment in a negligence case where an invitee fell in an unbeveled 3/8 inch change in evaluation between the tiled entryway and the carpeted floor of the hotel room. If you would like to discuss any of the cases or issues discussed in this week’s episode, or are interested in appearing on one of our future episodes, please contact host Andrew Harris at andrew@harrisappeals.com. You can listen to this episode and all podcast episodes at any of your favorite streaming locations; just search for Palm Beach County Justice Association, the PBCJA’s podcast, or Florida Appellate Review, the podcast for Andrew Harris & Harris Appeals. Please subscribe and share!