Mastering the art of creative specialisation - Chris Do

Creativity For Sale with Radim Malinic

08-04-2024 • 56 mins

"We can only do our best work for those that are aligned with what we believe and that tastes are similar. "

Chris Do is an award-winning designer, educator, and host of The Futur YouTube and The Futur podcast. The discussion looks at topics such as the importance of specialisation, the challenges of creative careers, and the role of AI in the creative industry.~

Chris shares his journey from a humble beginning as a candy seller in school to becoming a successful entrepreneur and educator. He emphasizes the need for creatives to find their niche, focus on their strengths, and be selective about the clients they work with.

The episode also explores the evolving nature of the creative industry, drawing parallels between the past and present, and the impact of new technologies like AI on the creative process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Specialise and focus on a specific area to become an expert and stand out in the market.
  • Learn the language of business to communicate effectively with clients and stakeholders.
  • Continuously seek new challenges and opportunities for growth, even after achieving success.
  • Embrace AI as a tool to supplement and enhance your creative abilities, not as a replacement.
  • Build a strong sense of self-awareness and confidence to overcome criticism and adversity.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for creatives seeking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of their industry, while staying true to their artistic vision and embracing new technologies as tools for growth and innovation.

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