Five Minute Magic Pt.3 - How selling Creativity Becomes Business

Creativity For Sale with Radim Malinic

22-02-2024 • 10 mins

Welcome to five minute magic from Creativity For Sale Podcast. A quick fire episode, sharing tips and tricks from the pages of the book of the same title. Yes. Creativity for sale. ~

Every week I'll be sharing one or two ideas that can give you. And actually we'll take away for your creative career, your business, or just the food for thought for the weekend ahead. These tapes are taken from the audio book, and you can find a link to the full version below.

Today's episode is called how selling creativity becomes a business. And it's a section from the book, which elaborates on the point of how we title ourselves because the titles come over with a mindset of how we perceive ourselves, how we carry ourselves.

And sometimes our titles could be misleading because from experience, according to some freelancers, it doesn't necessarily mean that people understand what you do and how you do it.

How we label ourselves really helps with the fact how we can perceive what we do and how we can explain it and how we can be found by others who might be able to commission us for the work that we do.

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