Happiness as a key to a successful life and business - Craig Black

Creativity For Sale with Radim Malinic

04-03-2024 • 1 hr

"Happiness is key to a successful life and business. Having that solid grounding is so important for me personally."

Craig Black takes us behind the scenes of his inspiring creative journey - from professional soccer player to graphic designer to world-renowned acrylic pouring artist.~

In this candid conversation with creativity guru Radim Malinic, Craig shares the intentional mindset and focused work ethic that led him to find immense success on his own terms.

Though Craig hit a high point designing the iconic typeface for his hometown soccer club Glasgow Rangers FC, he knew it was time to evolve. From honing his craft in secret to launching his acrylic fusion pieces in a strategic campaign timed with the World Cup, Craig progressed with purpose.

Now a sought-after visual artist collaborating with massive brands, Craig remains grounded. He discusses getting in the zone during live pouring performances, always pushing his acrylic art to new levels, and building a flexible lifestyle business with his wife.

Key Takeaways:

  • Success takes years of intentional development and discipline behind the scenes. Put in your 10,000 hours!
  • When you wholeheartedly believe in yourself, others will too. Be your own biggest cheerleader.
  • Evolve your craft before external forces push you. Move onto new creative challenges on your own terms.
  • Tunnel vision focus unlocks flow states, whether on a soccer pitch or pouring acrylics. Zero in on the task at hand.
  • Build a lifestyle business that allows creativity and family to flourish together. Stay grounded in what matters most.

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