126 - The Duffer Brothers and Stranger Things Season 4

Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast

16-06-2022 • 1 hora 17 minutos

The latest season of "Stranger Things" finally returned to Netflix on May 27th and we are so excited to sit down with the creators of the show, along with several key members of the post-production team, to discuss the sound, music, and editorial process behind this wildly successful series.  This is a supersized episode of the podcast with a TON of bonus guests. Joining us are the creators (as well as writers and directors) Matt and Ross Duffer; composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein; re-recording mixers Mark Paterson, Craig Henighan (also the sound supervisor), and Will Files (also the supervising sound editor); and the editor of the series, Dean Zimmerman. This conversation offers an incredible glimpse into the creative process of what makes "Stranger Things" work so well. And it's apparent from this conversation that it has a lot to do with how much this team trusts each other in order to work so seamlessly together. "Yeah, there's a lot of people who work on the show. But in terms of making big, big decisions, say in post-production, shaping the sound and the music of the show, it's a pretty, actually, tight knit group. And I think we've all gotten to the point where we really respect and trust each other. And then it's just a creative collaboration... It feels weirdly the same as it did season one." — Matt Duffer, Co-Creator, "Stranger Things" Be sure to https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281 (check out "Stranger Things," only on Netflix.) Please subscribe to Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast https://linktr.ee/dolbyinstitute (wherever you get your podcasts). You can also check out the https://youtube.com/dolby (video) for this episode. Learn more about the https://www.dolby.com/institute/ (Dolby Institute) and check out https://www.dolby.com/ (Dolby.com). Connect with Dolby on https://www.instagram.com/dolbylabs/ (Instagram), https://twitter.com/Dolby (Twitter), https://www.facebook.com/Dolby/ (Facebook), or https://www.linkedin.com/company/6229/ (LinkedIn).