118 - Best Cinematography Nominees: Academy Awards 2022

Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast

15-03-2022 • 1 hora 1 minuto

Welcome to our continuing coverage of this year's Academy Awards®. Like last year, we have compiled interviews from the nominees in the Best Cinematography category. So, if you are an Oscar voter — either as an Academy member or as a fan participating in your annual office pool — you'll have a much better idea of what to watch for as you get to the Best Cinematography category on your ballot! Here are the nominated Directors of Photography, in alphabetical order by film: http://dunemovie.com/ (DUNE): Greig Fraser https://www.searchlightpictures.com/nightmarealley/ (NIGHTMARE ALLEY): Dan Laustsen https://www.thepowerofthedogmovie.com/ (THE POWER OF THE DOG): Ari Wegner https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/the-tragedy-of-macbeth/umc.cmc.4wpfk1xmi22h3zyv4a10lj1tw?ctx_brand=tvs.sbd.4000&ign-itscg=MC_20000&ign-itsct=atvp_brand_omd&mttn3pid=Google%20AdWords&mttnagencyid=a5e&mttncc=US&mttnsiteid=143238&mttnsubad=OUS2019929_1-581416710452-c&mttnsubkw=127330287810__LyN88Pym_&mttnsubplmnt= (THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH): Bruno Delbonnel https://www.westsidestory.com/2021-film (WEST SIDE STORY): Janusz Kaminski Here's a table of contents of interviews, in case you'd like to jump around: 0:01:48 — DUNE — Greig Fraser 0:15:51 — NIGHTMARE ALLEY — Dan Laustsen  0:38:35 — THE POWER OF THE DOG — Ari Wegner NOTE: As always, all nominees were invited to join our conversations and we regret that Bruno Delbonnel and Janusz Kaminski were unavailable to join us in time for our podcast posting deadline. Thanks to all the studios for helping us pull these interviews together! Be sure to check outhttps://www.focusfeatures.com/belfast ( )http://dunemovie.com/ (DUNE), https://www.searchlightpictures.com/nightmarealley/ (NIGHTMARE ALLEY), https://www.thepowerofthedogmovie.com/ (THE POWER OF THE DOG), https://tv.apple.com/us/movie/the-tragedy-of-macbeth/umc.cmc.4wpfk1xmi22h3zyv4a10lj1tw?ctx_brand=tvs.sbd.4000&ign-itscg=MC_20000&ign-itsct=atvp_brand_omd&mttn3pid=Google%20AdWords&mttnagencyid=a5e&mttncc=US&mttnsiteid=143238&mttnsubad=OUS2019929_1-581416710452-c&mttnsubkw=127330287810__LyN88Pym_&mttnsubplmnt= (THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH )andhttps://www.westsidestory.com/2021-film ( WEST SIDE STORY) before Oscars voting ends! We have one more episode of our special Academy Awards® coverage, coming coming in the next few days. That episode is devoted to the Best Animated Feature category.  So if you haven't already, please subscribe to Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast https://linktr.ee/dolbyinstitute (wherever you get your podcasts). You can also check out the https://youtube.com/dolby (video) for this episode. Learn more about the https://www.dolby.com/institute/ (Dolby Institute) and check out https://www.dolby.com/ (Dolby.com). Connect with Dolby on https://www.instagram.com/dolbylabs/ (Instagram), https://twitter.com/Dolby (Twitter), https://www.facebook.com/Dolby/ (Facebook), or https://www.linkedin.com/company/6229/ (LinkedIn).