120 - Conversations with Colorists

Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast

29-03-2022 • 1 hora 11 minutos

Our guest host this week, Tom Graham, is joined by some of the top colorists working today to have a roundtable discussion about HDR workflows and working in Dolby Vision®. This is a passionate conversation, with lots of technical detail, which highlights why so many of these artists are so excited to be working with these new tools available to them. "We've had the ability to have bright TVs for the longest time, right? That's only a part of the equation. I think what's most exciting to me about the HDR conversation, particularly about the Dolby Vision workflow, is the conversation about better images, better data. More of it. And that includes wider color. That includes more intelligent tone mapping, that includes the ability to better represent artists' intent throughout the entire pipeline, no matter where that image is going to show up." — Robbie Carman, Lead Colorist & Partner, DC Color Many thanks to this week's guests: Robbie Carman — https://dccolor.com/about/ (https://dccolor.com/about/) Joey D'Anna — https://dccolor.com/about/ (https://dccolor.com/about/) Dan Moran — https://www.danmorancolour.com/ (https://www.danmorancolour.com/) Patrick Inhofer — https://mixinglight.com/author/patrick-inhofer/ (https://mixinglight.com/author/patrick-inhofer/) Learn more about Dolby Vision® for Content Creators here: https://professional.dolby.com/content-creation/dolby-vision-for-content-creators/ (https://professional.dolby.com/content-creation/dolby-vision-for-content-creators/) Dolby Vision® Training and Certification can be found here: https://prostore.dolby.com/ (https://prostore.dolby.com/) To learn more about Mixing Light, check out: https://mixinglight.com/ (https://mixinglight.com/) Please subscribe to Sound + Image Lab: The Dolby Institute Podcast https://linktr.ee/dolbyinstitute (wherever you get your podcasts). You can also check out the https://youtube.com/dolby (video) for this episode. Learn more about the https://www.dolby.com/institute/ (Dolby Institute) and check out https://www.dolby.com/ (Dolby.com). Connect with Dolby on https://www.instagram.com/dolbylabs/ (Instagram), https://twitter.com/Dolby (Twitter), https://www.facebook.com/Dolby/ (Facebook), or https://www.linkedin.com/company/6229/ (LinkedIn).