BC’s Electoral Reform with Prof. Daniel Westlake – GT011

The Govern...This!? Podcast

23-05-2018 • 1 hr 3 mins

This is the follow up episode with Professor Daniel Westlake where we talk more in depth about what is going on in BC and our own Electoral Reform. Daniel Westlake is a Professor from the University of Victoria who teaches Electoral Reform.  Check out the prequel where we get into the details of Electoral Reform and the types of systems there are and how they work. Thanks for listening & Until next time... Stay Curious – CJ :) *If you like what you hear and you think it’s important, please share it with as many people as you can… hopefully we can all become a little more aware and involved.* Buy us a Coffee $5...  a Beer $8... or some Time, Energy or Equipment $$ - Many thanks for all the Support!! http://www.governthis.ca http://www.facebook.com/governthis twitter: @WeGovernThis *SHOW NOTES … to come