BC Employees Organize and Fight for Freedom – Meet Philip Davidson and the ‘BC Public Service Employees for Freedom’ (BCPSEF – GT021)

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10-04-2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

“The BCPSEF stands for Medical privacy and bodily autonomy and for workers fundamental employment rights.” – Philip Davidson

“…You know, I don’t know if we’ll get there… but if we kind of allow this sort of thing to happen, or we accept this as normal, or ok, then we’ve lost something important in our society….” – Philip Davidson

What’s happening to Public Service Employees of British Columbia… well, they’ve been told to either share their vaccination status or be terminated. Simple as that.

But there is a group that has formed that is standing up against this mandate – the BCPS Employees for Freedom (BCPSEF).

In this episode I talk with Philip Davidson from the society and we get into the details of when  and how this started, what is happening now, and why it’s important to stand up against it.

Episode Links:
Website: bcpsforfreedom.com
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YouTube: BCPS Employees for Freedom
Instagram: BC Public Servants for Freedom
Rumble: BCPS Employees for Freedom
Vimeo: BCPS Employees for Freedom
Librti: BCPS for Freedom

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