Electoral Reform with Prof. Daniel Westlake – GT010

The Govern...This!? Podcast

06-05-2018 • 58 mins

British Columbia is in the midst of Electoral Reform with a referendum coming this fall. I was able to track down Daniel Westlake, a Political Science professor who teaches the subject and he agreed to sit down and give me the low down. In this episode we focus on what Electoral Reform is all about and the different types of systems that could come up and how they're structured. It was a great chat and it really helped me to understand what happens in elections and what could happen within different systems. It's all very complex and each system has their positives and negatives - so it's no easy choice. Thanks for listening & Until next time... Stay Curious – CJ :) *If you like what you hear and you think it’s important, please share it with as many people as you can… hopefully we can all become a little more aware and involved.* Buy us a Coffee $5...  a Beer $8... or some Time, Energy or Equipment $$ - Many thanks for all the Support!! http://www.governthis.ca http://www.facebook.com/governthis twitter: @WeGovernThis *SHOW NOTES … to come

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