01: Eric Weidt

Masters of Color

02-12-2021 • 54 minutos

Welcome to Masters of Color, brought to you by https://Lowepost.com (Lowepost.com) and https://Ravengrade.com (Ravengrade.com) Cullen Kelly is your host, and in this episode he talks with director David Fincher’s favorite colorist Eric Weidt about the art and craft of color grading. Eric has an incredible list of credits that includes Mank and Mindhunter. His works on these projects extends far beyond traditional tasks of color grading, incorporating complex look modeling and incredible detailed adjustments on virtually every frame. The techniques and insights he shares in this episode are unique and includes topics such as how to sculpt the viewers experience with textural and spatial tools, the lens treatment techniques used on Mindhunter, the process and swan curve treatment behind the day-for-night shots on Mank, advanced grain work and so much more. This episode is sponsored by Pixelview.io, an industry standard and affordable streaming solution for editors and colorists. Enjoy!