Is it possible to predict the future?

Tai Asks Why

17-03-2021 • 25 mins

These are anxious times, and Tai just wants to know… what’s going to happen? He can’t look into a crystal ball, but there are actually people who spend their lives predicting the future. With their help, he looks towards the great unknown. In this episode Tai speaks to: - Rose Eveleth, the creator of Flash Forward Presents, a podcast network that demystifies the future, with shows like Flash Forward and Advice For And From The Future - Tim Chartier, Professor of Mathematics at Davidson College. He often uses data analytics to predict outcomes in sports - Satyan Devadoss, Fletcher Jones Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of San Diego and author of Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries. This is the last episode of Season 3, thanks so much for tuning in! For transcripts of this series, please visit: