How else can we power the planet?

Tai Asks Why

24-02-2021 • 24 mins

Nothing on our planet could function without pooower! Even though energy is all around us, harnessing that energy and turning it into power is a massive challenge. Powering our day-to-day lives makes up almost half of fossil fuel emissions, which is causing climate change! Tai tries to find out if there's a better way to power the planet. In this episode Tai talks to: - Richard Randell, engineer and PhD candidate at Stanford's Mechanical Engineering program - Daniel Ddiba, research associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute. He conducts research into how poop can be used as fuel for industries and other applications in African cities - Jim Green, chief scientist at NASA, who tells Tai how NASA's planning on providing power for future colonies on Mars, 140 million kilometres away. For transcripts of this series, please visit: