Story Time with Dad

Ian Wakefield

I'm a kiwi dad who's been reading to his two boys for years. Now I'll be reading you either a book, a chapter or for 25 minutes. Stories are primarily sourced from the public domain, if you'd like to make a story recommendation please get in touch. 👉 Episodes release every Saturday @ 1600 NZT 👈 read less

Story Time - Sleeping Beauty
Story Time - Sleeping Beauty
"Sleeping Beauty" (French: La Belle au bois dormant), or "Little Briar Rose", also titled in English as "The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods", is a classic fairy tale about a princess who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years by an evil fairy, to be awakened by a handsome prince at the end of  them. The good fairy, realizing that the princess would be frightened if  alone when she awakens, uses her wand to put every living person and animal in the palace asleep, to awaken when the princess does. The earliest known version of the story is found in the narrative Perceforest, composed between 1330 and 1344. The tale was first published by Giambattista Basile in his collection of tales titled The Pentamerone (published posthumously in 1634). Basile's version was later adapted and published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697. The version that was later collected and printed by the Brothers Grimm was an orally transmitted version of the literary tale published by Perrault Amazon has a ebook version of the Brothers Grimm version, whereas The Book Depository has a beautifully illustrated version if physical copies are more your thing. Links: -- "Our Story Begins" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under  Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License