LPR - P059 by DAS

Loopaina Podcast Series

14-09-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Diego Azambuja Siehe aka DAS born in Brazil (Porto Alegre), raised in Argentina (Buenos Aires). From a very young age, he felt attracted to electronic music, looking more than anything at the bases of the genres and how music is formed. He studied music production at Sonica (electronic music school).

Together with his colleagues, he formed a cycle called Unterwelt Techno, which today, in addition to organizing events, has established itself as a label and also created the label called-do Dissolved Mind Records known by its acronym DMR, a label that is having a lot of
worldwide impact and has the support of great artists such as Ben Sims, Arnaud Le Texier, Joseph Capriati, Sam Paganini, Luigi Madonna, Paco Osuna, Cristian Varela, Richie Hawtin and more.

The labels in which he currently participates are Default Series (Colombia),
Concept Hipnótico (Argentina), Unterwelt (Argentina), Dissolved Mind Records (Argentina), Induxtriall Records (Spain), TMM Records (Kosovo), Alleanza (Italy), Loopaina Records (Spain).

His productions are characterized by atmospheric, ambient and rhythmic sounds, with
Marked textures that generate a bearable climate and hypnotic melodies.
His tops include Oscar Mulero, Slam, Lewis Fautzi, Tensal and Kwartz among others.

In their presentations, DAS creates a climate in which techno becomes dark and deep and, in turn, seeks that the public on the floor can dance and enjoy these sounds.

He shared a stand with Xhei, Michel Lauriola and Farceb on several occasions, with the duo
E110101, Josefina Muñoz, Kid Riot, Fu-5, Joaquín Ruiz, Dist, Euyinn, Diego Cid, Agustín
Viera, Mekas, Juan Trujillo, LPP, Mental Resonance, José Monsalve, Samsara, Centeno, BRÄLLE, among others.

He has performed in iconic clubs of the Buenos Aires techno scene such as Under Club, Bahrein and Cocoliche. In cycles like Private, Rams, Kritical, Worms and Sellow to mention a few and in massive festivals like La Feria.

On May 19, 2023, DAS was selected by Richie Hawtin's team to represent From our Mind doing the Warm Up of said artist that night and also sharing a stand with great local artists such as Jorge Ciccioli, Sommo, Julieta Kopp, Not Signal and Jessica Falaschi. The event was held by the Destino Arena collective at the Under club facilities.

One of his big projects was the EP released in December 2022 by Unterwelt in which Pfirter, Farceb and Xhei participated, each with a remix of the original theme. And a 12-track LP released in January 2023 on his Dissolved Mind Records label.

Zigler - Fourth Dimension (Vegim & Flekitza Remix)
Ledd - Pentagon (Original mix)
Transparent Shape - Pattern D7 (Linear System Remix)
Svarog - Urbanism (Angelo Stasi & Oti Remix)
Conceptual (It) - Not an easy one (Original mix)
Pfirter - Tension (Original mix)
Sigvard - Giddt Grove (Original mix)
XVIII - Chaos (Burden Remix)
Norbak - Agualusa (Original mix)
Kimahri, Linear System - Vessel (Original mix)
Burden - Rvrt dub (Original mix)
Lewis Fautzi - Malleability (Original mix)
Burden - Lash (Original mix)
Lewis Fautzi - Tension (Original mix)
Augusto Taito - Contemplate (Original mix)
Lewis Fautzi - Density (Original mix)
Milo Raad - Zeta potential (Original mix)
PWCCA - Human involution (Original mix)
Obscur - Undefined minds (Original mix)
Blanka (Es) - Transversal (Original mix)
Exium, Dynamic forces - The modern predator (Original mix)