Podcast 044 / SYSTEM BELOW / Loopaina Records

Loopaina Podcast Series

09-03-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Cesar Marmolejo known as System Below, is an emerging artist from the city of Cali (Col) who has achieved a great reception in the local techno scene since his appearance in 2017. His training as a designer has allowed him to understand electronic music and techno in a very particular way; thus drawing depth, precision, elegance and versatility in his sound and in his musical selection.

Influenced by genres such as: Acid techno, Raw Techno, Break, Hypnotic and Letfield House; and by artists such as: Oscar Mulero, Derrick May, Rodhad, Apex Twin, Lea Ochi and Wata Igarashi who provide style and accuracy to their sessions; System Below experiments with mental sounds that seek to recreate hypnotic environments that immerse the public in an enveloping, dark and melancholic musical universe.

He is currently a resident of one of the most important clubs in the City -Sonido central- and is a frequent DJ at places like Elíptica Club, 882Med and local parties. He has managed to share the stage with a long list of national and international DJs, including: Christian Wunch, Anetha, Setaoc Mass, Surgeon, Adriana Lopez, SNTS, Hyperaktivist, Nastia, Michael Lauriola, Airod, Kwartz, Bec, David Noreña , Andrés Gil; and of being part of Line Ups in festivals such as the Baum Festival, Elemental Fest, The Zoo, Jungle Fest among others.

Since 2021 he has embarked on music production, and during this cycle of study and sound experimentation he has managed to release his first debut single, a V.A (various artists). called PORTALES with the Ointe Records label together with Helheim followed by another VA called SENSES by Sinestesia Colectivo.

He is currently working on the design of a much more precise, architectural and spatial sound; that seeks to translate into future musical productions through different labels inside and outside the country.