Podcast 043 / SYMBIOSIS / Loopaina Records

Loopaina Podcast Series

03-03-2023 • 1 hr

This is the story of Symbiosis, two young boys from Madrid, whose greatest passion in
life is music. Jacobo a.k.a. Tremūl and Sebastian a.k.a. Bastian Shan have been playing
records since 2014. They are currently resident DJs at Pomafest and they have
performed live in venues such as Sala Caracol and Pirandello, both of which are wellknown
in Madrid.
Nowadays, they are focused mainly on production. We will soon be able to see some
references of them in labels such as Newrythmics, Combine Audio or KR Records
among others.
There style is aggressive and hypnotic, with spatial loops and complex percussions full
of energy. They say that they create real symbiosis considering that Sebastian's musical
roots consist of funk and classical music; whereas Jacobo has always been into Rock
and the hardest styles of music. It´s the perfect blend of light and darkness, which is
reflected in their own sets and production.