Podcast 033 / BLAARK / Loopaina Records

Loopaina Podcast Series

24-11-2022 • 1 hr 54 mins

Pau Candelas aka Blaark, born in Barcelona, ​​began in the world of electronics
about 5 years. He discovered the purest sounds of the Birmingham sound at an early age, his evolution has gone from more mental sounds to more dancefloor sounds, defining himself in the purest techno.
It is at that moment when he creates 100×100 Techno, a Magazine that in its beginnings was for information purposes to end up being the group that, along with Mäem (Miguel Amador) evolves upwards, always risking for an avant-garde and pure vision that makes it further consolidate the project.
Blaark, influenced by Rumenige, Loktibrada, Óscar Mulero, Dj Boss among others, develops sets full of
forceful, dance floor and innovative techno with broken bass drums that make the track never rest from start to finish in their sessions.