Cat Videos and Congress 📱

The Ten News, News For Curious Kids

24-05-2023 • 16 mins

In today's episode: 🐾 From cats & dogs to tarantulas & sugar gliders, it's time to celebrate them all for National Pet Month! 😹 Cat correspondent, Ten'er Jack, shares some paw-some things you might not know about your cat in honor of National Hug Your Cat Day 📱 Correspondent Pamela Kirkland breaks down the ‘Protecting Kids on Social Media’ Act that Congress is debating 🐹 Trivia with Tessa: Which state is it against the law to have a hamster as a pet!? 📧 Email us your fun facts, stories, and eye-rolling jokes at: 📱 Follow the show on Instagram: @thetennews 🖱️ Visit our website for resources and a transcript of today's episode at: