A successful career without a plan - Vikki Ross

Creativity For Sale with Radim Malinic

12-02-2024 • 56 mins

"Creativity needs time. Restraints can bring great ideas, but time is essential."

Vikki Ross didn't go to university or ad school, never had a plan to build her enviable career, but  has crafted irresistible copy for major entertainment brands by following her curiosity and passion. ~

In this fascinating discussion with copywriting sensation Vikki Ross, host Radim Malinic traces her journey from curious office assistant to award-winning copywriting consultant for major entertainment brands.

Without formal training, Vikki followed her interest in writing early in her career to become a sought-after copywriter known for crafting irresistible copy. She shares how vital connections were in getting work initially and why she generously shares opportunities with others now.

Vikki explains her transition from writing copy for beauty brands like The Body Shop to specializing in entertainment. She discusses why she turned down working on the high-profile Harry Potter franchise launch due to lack of knowledge.

Radim and Vikki also explore how she moved from labeling herself a freelancer to a copywriting consultant. Throughout their insightful discussion, Vikki emphasises the importance of curiosity, integrity and allowing creativity the time it needs to blossom.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vikki shares how she went from an office assistant to an in-demand copywriting consultant without formal training, just by following her curiosity.
  • She explains why connections have been integral to getting work, and why she generously shares opportunities with others in her field.
  • Vikki discusses how she transitioned from writing copy for beauty brands to specializing in entertainment - and why she turned down working on the Harry Potter franchise.
  • She reveals why she doesn't worry about AI taking over creative jobs, arguing it can't provide the nuanced execution and guidance needed.
  • Vikki explains how she evolved from calling herself a freelancer to a copywriting consultant, and why she has resisted starting her own agency.

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