S1EP12 - Branded podcast in Europe: the case of Blum

Sounds like Europe, cross-border podcasting

10-06-2024 • 20 mins

More and more people are listening to podcasts, and that translates into interest from brands and sponsored content.  A very clear example of how branded content has made its way into podcasting in recent years is Blum, an audio thriller sponsored by Switzerland Tourism and produced by the Spanish production company El Extraordinario. To find out more about Blum and the state of branded podcasting in Europe, Javi Caminero is joined by Marcus Hurst, Creative Director of El Extraordinario.  Learn more about Marcus’ recommendation:

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  • Hosted and written by Javi Caminero
  • Sound design by Manu Tomillo
  • Coordinator: Alexander Damiano Ricci
  • Executive producer: Ana Ribera

This project has received funding from CROSS-Sectoral of the Creative Europe Programme.