LPR-P063 by Ladaeg

Loopaina Podcast Series

09-11-2023 • 1 hr 8 mins

Ladaeg, born in Abruzzo, a region of Italy, moved to Rome in 2021 where he undertook a course of study concerning electronic music and audio. Its sets are characterised by dark, hypnotic traces, at times industrial, with impetuating and mighty passages.

Recently Ladaeg was in charge of signing the 30th reference of Loopaina Records with the album "Raw Intention", an album full of rough techno, with many hard nuances, in short an album full of strength, get your copy (link below)

T.Y.S.R - No Spiritual Surrender (Cabrerà)
2. Mystics - Not Here (Kazerne)
3. Oliver Rosemann - Dylan Octave (Nachtstrom Schallpllatten)
4. Oxygeno - Slave To Her Mind (Nachtstrom Schallpllatten)
5. Pwcca - Circle Trip (Kazerne)
6. Tracy - Bad Brains (Sonntag Morgern)
7. Jero Clares - Fluctuations (Tremsix)
8. Kessel - Descending Darkness (Polegroup)
9. Mystics - Brmngm (Kazerne)
10. Christian Wünsch - Holograpghic
11. Dj Shufflemaster - Telepathic Waveform (KSR)
12. MIC7D - U.F.O. System (Ecordings)
13. Ladaeg - Modus Operandi (Loopaina Records)
14. Reeko - Dogma 2 (Semantica Records)
15. Tensal - Dragonlance (KR3 Records)
16. Jero Clares - Past Future (Jonas Kopp Remix) (Tremsix)
17. Exium - Dark Voids (Mord)
18. Norbak - Retrato (Mord)
19. DSNGDMANN - Detrás de los Otros (Loopaina Records)