Podcast 048 / KORBEN NICE / Loopaina Records

Loopaina Podcast Series

27-04-2023 • 2 hrs

John, Toledo born Barcelona based (Spain), started Korben Nice project on 2012,with the aim of evolving over the years and develop its own sounds within the styles of electronic music.He stands out for the diversity, harmonic, atmospheric, electronic, techno, hard-techno or ambient are styles that define him. The project has taken different forms since its inception with collaborations with artists like;
Eric Fetcher, Hd-Substance, Michel Lauriola, Samuel L Session, Cyklos, Leandro Gámez, Kalter Ende, Setaoc Mass o Drop-E.
His references have been published on Dynamic Reflection, Children Of Tomorrow, Concerns Music, Wunderblock,SUB tl, to name some labels.