#208 | A History of James Bond

English Learning for Curious Minds

04-11-2021 • 24 minutos

He is the most famous spy in the world and has been drinking vodka martinis and driving fast cars since 1952.

In this episode, we'll look at the history of 007, his creator Ian Fleming, how Bond has changed over the years, and the fascinating family business behind the UK's most famous special agent.

  • The classic image of James Bond
  • Ian Fleming: the creator of the James Bond novels
  • The first hit: Casino Royale
  • How the James Bond novels are different from the James Bond films
  • Why did he choose the name "James Bond" for 007?
  • The very English death of Ian Fleming
  • Why Sean Connery was a controversial choice to play James Bond
  • Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan & Daniel Craig
  • How the James Bond character has changed
  • The (family) business of James Bond
  • The future of James Bond
  • The accents of James Bond
  • James Bond speaking Russian & German

Full transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available on the website: https://www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/history-of-james-bond


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